Filling out Microsoft Advertising pubCenter tax form for non US citizens

These images will take you through the process of submitting a online pubCenter tax form. This only applies for non US citizens applying for a tax exemption.

If you want to download all the images click here.
Please note that this process requires an ITIN number!
If you have further information regarding this process contaxt me and I will share it!
You can also add a message using e.g. facebook at the bottom of this page.

The addresses used in Part I nr 4 and 5 are identical.

Some people got the following question here:

The Individual indicates that this Form W-8BEN is being completed for Other Copyright Royalties. Information regarding the individual’s special treaty claim is required for treaty benefits to apply. Please provide information regarding the special treaty claim.

E.g the correct answers for Austria (IMO) are 12,0,Other Copyright Royalties, As a tax resident of the specified treaty country, I meet the required terms of the treaty. For other counties please look here:

The pin above is sent to the mail you specified earlier in the process.